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Safety & our people

A message from Graham Birch, Chairman of the Sustainability Committee

It is with immense pride that we are able to report on the impact of the Safety Culture Transformation Plan which was launched in 2017. As discussed in the Sustainability Report, the range of training programmes and initiatives during 2019 has brought about impressive year-on year reductions in the accident frequency index and accident severity rates of 40% and 94% respectively. These results are testament to the efforts of all involved, and I can assure you of our commitment to continue on this path as we proceed to roll out the action plan for the current year, known as “Safety 2.0”.




High Potential Events Review Committee - Since 2017, the Company has monitored the occurrence of “High Potential Events” (“HPEs”). HPEs are events which could have caused serious injury and encompass near misses as well as lost time events. Each time an HPE occurs, the CEO convenes a meeting of the Vice Presidents of Operations and Human Resources, the country managers as well as site managers and the corporate safety team. The site leader where the HPE occurred presents his investigation and the Committee feeds into the root cause analysis and proposed action plan. The lessons learnt are then conveyed by site managers at other operations to their respective units.

Behaviour Based Safety Checklists - As reported in the 2018 Annual Report, the Group’s Behaviour Based Safety Checklists were incorporated into a mobile app, known as “the OTO app”. The app, which has been designed in-house, enables users to log safety related observations (an “OTO”) during a 10-15 minute audit. By submitting an OTO, users earn points to transfer between levels of the programme and prizes are awarded based on the nature and number of OTOs submitted.