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The Hochschild approach to environmental management

Hochschild Mining is committed to being a leading global mining company in environmental performance, sourcing minerals with the smallest environmental footprint possible. Hochschild recognises that environmental and social responsibility extends beyond the life of our operations and, as a result, mine closure plans are in place to restore areas where mining activity has ceased and the Company operates a policy of progressively closing historic mine components.

Environmental policy

In order to achieve the Company’s environmental mission, the Environmental team is committed to:

  • ensuring compliance with all legal and environmental regulations in place;
  • setting an annual environmental performance goal for all Company employees;
  • requiring an efficient use of resources, aiming for savings by implementing the best industrial and mining practices, modern technologies and solid procedures for environmental management and control;
  • requiring all Company employees to adopt an environmentally conscious culture;
  • providing all Company employees with the necessary resources and training to take environmentally appropriate decisions;
  • promoting innovative and forward thinking in the development and execution of new concepts and designs related to environmental management; and
  • requiring those who perform activities for the Company to abide by the Corporate Environmental Policy.


Our achievements in 2019

A robust environmental performance

  • The ratio of observations per inspection carried out by OEFA has fallen by 11%
  • Complied with 100% of treated water discharge permissible limits
  • Drinking water consumption and domestic waste generation per person were reduced by 8% year on year
  • Recycled 60% more industrial waste than in 2018
  • Continued focus on maintaining awareness of environmentally responsible culture with over 500 environmental events organised

– External recognition of the ECO Score

  • Industry recognition, most notably the Mines & Money 2019 Innovation in Sustainability award
  • Finalist for the “Most Innovative Company in Peru” award in the environmental management category from the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences
  • ECO Score selected for presentation in the International Association for Impact Assessment Congress in Spain

– Continued support of operational and exploration activities

  • Secured critical environmental permits Completed environmental infrastructure improvement action plan
  • Successful interaction with environmental regulators


ECO Score: A Hochschild innovation

Hochschild Mining has endeavoured to comply with the highest environmental and social standards in the mining industry.  Ever since 2015, with the collective efforts of our people, we have developed and implemented an innovative, original and efficient tool which allows us to quantify and distil in a single number our environmental performance. In this way we have succeed in expressing intangible environmental management in a way that is universally understood.

The ECO Score objective was officially adopted in 2017, and has been used with other Corporate Performance objectives to determine the level of employee bonuses.

The ECO Score is calculated by monitoring performance at two levels: at each mining operation, and overall for the entire Group using a range of KPIs which reflect, among other things, compliance with discharge limits and zero-tolerance to environmental incidents, regulatory findings, and sound environmental management (relating to water consumption and waste generation).

2019 ECO Score Performance

The Company’s overall ECO Score in 2019 was 4.82 out of 6, which exceeded the most stretching target set for the year of 4.5. Since 2015, the ECO Score has improved by 45% which reflects a significantly higher level of environmental efficiency.