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We are committed to ensuring the integrity of the environment in which we develop our operations and new projects. Our environmental management system has been established at a corporate level incorporating best management practices and is backed by the continued ISO 14001 certification of our operations.

Hochschild Mining recognises that environmental and social responsibility extends beyond the life of our operations and as a result, mine closure plans are in place to restore areas where mining activity has ceased.

Our Achievements in 2016 

  • Continued resourcing of the environmental team with more than 100 people working in related operational roles and environmental management
  • New Environmental Corporate policy launched going beyond compliance and promoting an environmentally conscious culture through, among other things, the promotion of efficient use of resources
  • Supported the business by securing the: 
    • approval of Pallancata’s revised Environmental Impact Assessment ("EIA");
    • approval of Inmaculada's environmental permit to reflect new components and increased plant capacity; and 
    • environmental permits for the Arcata, Ares and Pallancata exploration projects.