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We are committed to ensuring the integrity of the environment in which we develop our operations and new projects. Our environmental management system has been established at a corporate level incorporating best management practices and is backed by the continued ISO 14001 certification of our operations.

Hochschild Mining recognises that environmental and social responsibility extends beyond the life of our operations and as a result, mine closure plans are in place to restore areas where mining activity has ceased.

Our Achievements in 2017 

  • Year-on-year reductions in the number of findings by the Peruvian environmental regulator falling steadily from 50 in 2014 to 7 in 2017
  • 2017 ECO score of 4.75, exceeding the most stretching environmental performance target set by the Board for 2017 of 3.5 (see below on what this score reflects)
  • Launched integrated waste management service in collaboration with a specialist contractor which will incorporate the following:
    • Integrated waste management plans across all operations
    • Waste minimisation
    • On-site waste collection
    • Disposal of hazardous waste and sale of marketable waste
    • Management of on-site waste facilities
  • Overhaul of water treatment plants across all Peruvian operations


Environmental Corporate Objective (‘ECO’ score)

The ECO score was developed in order to align all employees with one common environmental mission, thereby making everyone accountable for their actions.

The ECO score is used in the annual bonus scorecard for all eligible employees and is based on measurable and transparent environmental metrics. The scorecard was trialled in 2016 to create a baseline, and therefore 2017 was the first year that a target ECO score has been implemented. The ECO score is calculated by monitoring performance across all operations and reflects each of the following:

  • Zero tolerance to non-compliance with discharge limits and environmental incidents, such as spillages
  • The number of observations received from the environmental regulator in Peru
  • Good environmental management measured on the basis of:
    • Water consumption per worker
    • Amount of non-recyclable waste generated per worker
    • Proportion of recyclable/industrial waste that is commercialised
    • Corporate Performance Indicator which tracks the number of compliance inspections that are passed with over 95%

These KPIs are reported on a monthly basis by each mining operation and communicated to all Company employees. Through this monthly publication, we try to foster healthy competition amongst the mining units, an effort called Green Challenge or ‘Reto Verde’ in Spanish.