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Our business model


These inputs are key in achieving operational control and ensuring viability in the long-term.

Operational and geological expertise Experienced management team
We have a particular expertise in mining mid-sized, narrow epithermal veins in complex geological conditions in the Americas Long experience in operation, cost reduction, project construction, acquisitions and the management of local communities.
Consistent financial strategy Corporate governance framework
Long-standing financial relationships in place to invest in growth, manage operations and access further required liquidity. Controls and processes to protect and enhance stakeholder interests.
Highly skilled employees Effective sustainability programme
Strong focus on safety and a value-driven approach.  Promoting education, health and sustainable economic development in acknowledgment of our social licence to operate.
Our core activities
Discover Develop Extract
We have a strong track record of finding geological deposits. The value of ounces we have discovered in less than 10 years exceeds $5 billion in revenue. Our brownfield team believes that there is still potential at all our assets to find further low cost ounces and in addition, our greenfield team is set to drill a number of premium prospects in various countries across the Americas We are able to execute development of our discoveries in a short space of time. Our flagship Inmaculada deposit was first drilled in early 2009 and production was achieved in June 2015 with the mine being ramped up to full production within three months. The operation was also designed and built in a modular fashion to facilitate cost effective expansion potential.

We have developed a unique in-depth knowledge base of the technical challenges inherent in our orebodies as well as of the environment and jurisdiction where we operate. This has resulted in us consistently meeting annual production targets, executing significant cost reduction programmes, increasing our resource base and achieving positive results from brownfield exploration at existing mines. 


The ongoing success of our business model allows us to invest in the skills and training of our employees, redistribute profit into our host communities through a wide variety of programmes and deliver long-term value for our shareholders.